Guinness stout, how healthy is it?

Guinness, like other Irish stouts, enjoys a seasonal popularity every St. Patrick's Day. It has also been touted as being "good for you," at...
New way to prevent HIV discovered

New way to prevent HIV discovered

Scientists in the United States have engineered an antibody that could offer a new way to treat or prevent HIV, following successful tests on...

Cancer Treatment: Biotech Firm Halts ‘Revolutionary’ Procedure After Patient Deaths

Following the deaths of five patients, US based Juno Therapeutics has decided to pull the plug on an experimental cancer treatment that boosts the...

Brazil Declares an End to Zika Emergency After the Number of Cases Drop

Brazil declared an end to its public health emergency over the Zika virus on Thursday, 18 months after a surge in cases drew headlines...

Women who dye their hair ‘are at greater risk of breast cancer’

A surgeon has claimed that people who dye their hair more than six times a year are 14% more likely to develop breast cancer. Professor...